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Its been getting noisy round our manor...

At the end of February I acquired my first Gibson Les Paul. I've always wanted one, mainly thanks to Jimmy Page and The Bluesbreakers 'Beano' album. It was Johnny Marr that really spurned me on though. Reading his new book 'Marr's Guitars' and watching a YouTube interview I was gobsmacked to learn that he used them extensively during his tenure in The Smiths.

So now I've got one, Im going to put it to good use. My son and I have always jammed and messed about musically since he was little. Now he's taller than me, we've formed a cookin duo The Gadgets: Danny is on drums and I'm on vox/guitar duty. We are kinda like The Black Keys playing Sun era rockabilly, fronted by a Eddie Cochran/Lee Mavers wannabe.We have our first gig in August, I'm very excited by this...

In many ways, I've come full circle. In 1993, when I started, all I aimed for was to be a guitar player. I've ventured far from this: down winding pothole strewn paths and dark back alleys. Its good to be home.

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