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//  Origin:  Northampton, UK


//  Genres:  Singer Songwriter, English Primitive Guitar Convincer

Keiron Farrow is a singer/songwriter and guitar convincer, who draws on a deep love of all the great and good music of the twentieth century; infused with an appreciation of literature and medieval history. All of which inform not only his soulful folk sound but his view of the world.  An incendiary and dynamic live performer, who moves from acoustic filigree to fury in a heartbeat; singing just to know he is alive.


"I’d heard promising things about Keiron but it was only when he stepped in at short notice to replace a featured act at my club that I really appreciated how good he is. With great songs, expert punchy guitar and a voice reminiscent of Tom Waits - allied to a rough-hewn charisma - he’s very listenable, very watchable and really cuts through to an audience. He went down a storm and I’ll definitely be booking him again. I suspect he’s going to get better too. One to watch."

Kev Buxton, Kontra Roots Promotions


//  At Postern Gate, 2021

//  Fast Awake, 2021


//  Gandharva, 2021

//  Northampton Is My Fate, 2022

I've been playing, performing and writing; wondering and sometimes growing for thirty years. The twist and turns of life have led me, finally, to have the time and space to record and release music. Much of which has been an exercise in exorcising the places and people I've known. At Postern Gate & Northampton Is My Fate strongly allude to this. Fast Awake was my playlist for the Pandemic - we've all got one! Gandharva was the one: a sign post on a road of the course I'm still plotting.

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