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Beat Route Radio

Playing live and talking with Sharon Louise on Beat Route Radio in July 2021. 

Our Sound Music

Our Sound Music review 'Fast Awake'. 

"The opening harmonica on first track ‘Another Man’ is an unexpected delight; this is the blues via Northampton. ‘Monkey Shoulders’ is faster paced and has a tremendous groove - the acapella moments changing the dynamic of the song - when the guitar comes back in it makes the listener take note and listen all the more intently."

New Boots

New Boots reviews Monkey Shoulders from 'Fast Awake'. 

“If you could find a midpoint between Lee Mavers and Howlin’ Wolf, you’d land approximately here. New four track EP ‘Fast Awake’ [from which this track is taken] is on the beefier side of his repertoire, the slide work fuzzier than usual, putting him in a “lo-fi Black Keys” territory, which he sounds very comfortable in.”

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