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FTSOTS 5 FB Event Banner with names .png
Keiron Farrow, Stevie Lawless and
Alex Gardner at FTSOTS, February 2022
Chris Brown, Jacob Brathwaite & Mae Stephens at FTSOTS, April 2022
If you are a solo artist interested in playing For The Sake Of The Song you can apply here:



Thanks for stopping by to check out For The Sake Of The Song. If you are here, then it’s probably safe to assume that you are interested in playing at one of our events. Which is great because it’s a really unique live music experience for performer and listener.


So, here’s the need to know bits:


There are three artists, taking turns to play. The format runs 3 songs/break/3 songs/break/ 3 songs/finish. To play, ideally you will need 9 songs (a cover or two is cool).


FTSOTS is a (free) ticketed evening and we encourage donations from the audience which are collected in a jar and split three-ways at the end of the night. 


If you have merch/music to sell, please bring it with you!


- Keiron


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