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Updated: Jul 9, 2022

I've been listening to The Beatles for thirty years, this year and I'm still learning from them all the time. I'd heard of them and knew some of their tunes but it wasn't til I came home to find a copy of Sgt Pepper on my bed (my aunt put it there), that I actually 'heard' them. They made me want to play guitar. They still do...

It was a shock and a revelation to find out that their roles in the band weren't fixed. They all did different things in the studio, and that the guitar styles of John, Paul & George were as distinctive as their signing voices. You can really hear this in the two bar solos they each take on 'The End' from Abbey Road.

So, because I'm a nerdy type and because of 'High Fidelity' here are my top ten guitar solos of The Beatles. I'm sure some will disagree - come at me with yours if you please

1. Taxman - Paul

2. Something - George

3. All My Loving -George

4. Til There Was You - George

5. Back In The USSR - Paul

6. Fixing A Hole - George

7. Good Morning Good Morning - Paul

8. Get Back -John

9. Sweet Little Sixteen - George

10. You Can't Do That - John

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